A+ Horses

Affordable Barrel and Pole training & Quality Horse Sales.

                              Training Rates:

Tune ups, regular riding, and ground work is $125 per week.

Barrel and pole training is $150 per week plus hauling & entry fees (6 exhibitions included per 30days).

By the Ride- This is for if you just need a horse tuned, or want less then 30 days put on your horse: $30 per ride + $15 per day board.

Ponies... Yes I said ponies, I can start ponies in harness for driving and also can start them under saddle the right way. Anything under 13 hands welcome for $100 per week. Other expenses are the owner’s responsibility. Over 13 hands will be considered.

 All charges include feed/hay, if you want to bring your own please talk to us we do give a discount!

 MULTIPLE HORSE DISCOUNTS- Do you have 2 or more horses that need trained at the same time? Well SAVE BIG with our Multiple Horse Discount!!!! EMAIL US FOR DETAILS AND PRICING.

**All horses must be UTD on shots, hoof trim, dental, worming and have a negative current coggins before brought into training.**


Your horse will get its own special amount of feed and supplements along with a generous amount of hay. We strive to keep the horses looking great while under the stress of training and competition. If the horse needs a different feed or supplements then what we feed here we will consult you first due to it possibly increasing the weekly/monthly charge.


We feed MFM Feeds and Tifton 85 or Alfalfa Hay. All horses in training get Apple-A-Day Electrolytes  and free choice salt/mineral blocks. Apple Cider Vinegar is added to their water to help with digestion and flies. Diatomaceous earth is optional as a daily wormer at no extra charge.

Worming per month will range from $3-10 depending on what rotation wormer we are on at the time. This will be billed to your monthly/weekly bill.

Natural Barefoot Hoof Trims are $35.00 if you want your horse to have shoes you must provide and schedule your own farrier, our farrier only does the natural trim no shoes needed.We do have farriers we can call to have shoes put on starting at $80.00

All vet bills will be billed to the owner, we are not responsible for anything happening to any horse while in training. Accidents and injuries happen whether at home or on the road.


Dental work is $50-$150.00 done by our equine dentist or you may set up an appointment with your vet.


Chiropractic work is $60-$125.00 if you want someone else used you must set up your own appointment with them.


All other supplements or therapeutic care will be at your cost and by your instructions.


Hauling will be charged at $0.80 per loaded mile, only exceptions are shows where others are entered as well then there will be a fuel split between horse owners and myself. This will mainly apply for vet visits and things of that sort.

Exhibitions, entry fees, and weekend show stall fees will be charged to your monthly/weekly bill as often as you want your horse exposed and ran. 


**None of the above will be done without first consulting you, only exceptions would be vet emergency’s.**