A+ Horses

Affordable Barrel and Pole training & Quality Horse Sales.

Why consider using A+ Horses to start your barrel horse? Because we train to WIN! I use techniques that any horse can understand. It all starts with gentle hands and passion for your horse to succeed.

   I started competing in barrels and poles at 8 years old. I've been successful with many horses that I have owned, trained and competed on. The knowledge of how to communicate and cue horses from the very beginning to the end is a lifetime of experience and that is the horsemanship I hope to teach. I train a few outside horses a month and give lessons weekly. I love what I do, and I look forward to helping every horse and rider I meet.

 I love teaching horses and riders, and I enjoy the teamwork accomplished to reach a goal.  My training techniques are kind, effective, and they are based on universal horsemanship theories. I take in horses to pattern for barrels and poles and offer tune ups.  I have the owners involved closely in the training of each horse with lessons included in the training fees.  I give constant updates as to where they are in training, so the owner can keep it going once they go home. I only pattern them after they have solid basics.

 I believe in taking the horse slow, at a pace they can handle. I will haul them for exposure and exhibitions. I can campaign for them at shows or rodeos when they are ready. The result of my training is a consistent, happy, and well educated barrel or pole horse. My end goal is a team competing at their best. My program is designed to treat each horse as an individual, while the concept and principles are the same, the time tables and techniques may vary! 

 I offer something for everyone. I can take your horse in training monthly and you attend a lesson a week with them at my place. I have many options available to suit your needs.  Just give me a call or email me and I will be happy to discuss it with you. 

 I feel if I can help ONE horse & ONE owner to have a better relationship than it's ALL worth it. I believe a horse should have a solid foundation, so they can go on to any event and be successful. I like to have a horse broke from head to tail to give and move away from the lightest pressure.  An example of that would be; when I ride most of my clients horses they are very heavy in the face, and they don't use their hind ends correctly.  On a scale of 1 being the lightest and 10 being heavy, most are 8 to 10 on being heavy, laterally and vertically in the face, which does not allow them to round the back and use their hind end as well.  If a horse is heavy in the face, they will not be soft in the body or collected.  It takes time to get a horse light.  It's a constant maintenance to keep them light after that.  An example, of how to teach them to become light would be; if you were to ask the horse to give to rein pressure with 1 pound of pressure releasing as soon as they soften, or you would add pressure up to 10 pounds, until your horse gives one inch or more, at that time you release, reward and wait, then build off that.  Then you need to address using their body correctly next with the same concept in mind.  I hope this example gives you an idea of my training philosophy.

 I believe in building a relationship with a horse based on trust, respect and cues.  I do not believe in fear, pain or intimidation training.  I believe in making the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy.  I want my horse to enjoy learning and feel good about it.  All of this can be taught by using horsemanship, timing, feel and reward. I offer common sense solutions for the common problems people deal with in barrel racing and pole bending, from shouldering/hitting barrels, over-running barrels, alleyway issues and more.  I can't promise you that you will never have a bad run again, but I can promise you that you will improve and when you do make a mistake you will know why and how to fix it.  There are many things that help you win, proper training and a healthy horse is a huge part of it.    

 There are few things in life that calm you, bring you pure joy and make everything all right, for me, its being beside or on a horse.  Of course we all need a RUSH sometimes too!  It's the "NEED FOR SPEED" that all of us timed event junkies have in common!   Barrel racing is addicting, but well worth all the effort when you hear the announcer say, "THE NEW TIME TO BEAT" or "THE WINNER IS"!  If you have any questions, or if I can help you in anyway with your horse, please email me or call me.