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It all started early in my life.

All my life I have been around horse, my grandfather was an ex team roper and the man responsible for my love and passion for horses and rodeo. When I was 7yrs old my grandfather introduced my mother and I to Bonnie McAree. This is where all my riding then took place with weekly lessons on Bonnie's horses and hauling with her to local playdays learning the ropes. I have stayed with Bonnie learning and training for 14yrs of 17yrs learning all there is to know about horses, from their well being to properly training a good horse whether it be for barrels or just pleasure riding in the pasture. At the age of 14 I started working at a local dressage barn to pay for my lessons in dressage there. I hauled with them for 6months showing and helping out, I learned so much in such little time and have taken and put some of those methods to work in my western training. Through out all these years I have read every book, article, internet document, and watched just about every trainer in just about every discipline and putting bits a pieces of those methods used into my own training routines. Though you may not see my name all over the internet for winning big races or anything I am an honest trainer that can ride with the best of them if given the right horse and opportunity. Im getting a late start in my career as a trainer but I have been off the last few years working and taking care of my family. I am to the point now where I can go and haul some and I hope you will give me a chance to make your horse an outstanding performer. References available.